Justice and Mercy
Webinar Series

Objectified No More: Challenging our Culture to Dismantle the Injustice of Diminishing Women and to Build a Culture of Honor
Tuesday, June 6; Noon - 12:45pm
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The objectification of women is at the root of many of our major social injustices: domestic violence, pay inequality, sexual abuse and human trafficking. If we want to bring change in those areas, we have to get to the root. What is objectification?  Is it present in the church?   If we want to dismantle that culture, where do we start?  How do we replace it with a culture of honor? Join us for some honest conversation from both a male and female perspective.  
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The 2017 Night of GENEROUS Laughter Tour
June 15: West Church (Haverhill, MA)
June 16: Grace Baptist Church (Hudson, MA)
June 17: Curtis Lake Church (Sanford, ME)
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Pastors in New England need equipping and encouragement. In 2016, Vision New England established the David Midwood Memorial Fund for Pastoral Development. David’s heart was to make sure every pastor in New England had the support and care necessary. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations go directly to support coaching, mentoring and soul care of pastors and their families in New England. 

This year we welcome Bob Stromberg. He’s left lasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies like General Mills, Cargill, Sonic and American Family Insurance. Recently Bob joined forces with top Hollywood stars in the Not For Sale campaign to end human trafficking.