Leadership Training

Following Jesus Into The Suffering And Injustice That's All Around Us 
Tuesday, January 10; Noon - 12:45pm
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Suffering and injustice are all around us in our communities, neighborhoods and families.  Facing the pain, and letting Jesus stir us to take hope-filled action, can be one of the most courageous and important steps we take as churches and individual followers of Christ.  Where do we start? 
We're excited to welcome Bill Legere as our speaker for this webinar.  As an aware follower of Christ, co-founder of the Not Here Justice In Action Network and the Foundation for Hope and Grace, and Lead Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner at Central Maine Medical Center, Bill has seen pain at all levels both locally and around the world, and learned much about taking just and merciful action. The webinar will inspire and equip you for following Jesus into the suffering that's all around you.

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