Justice and Mercy
Webinar Series

Beyond Fear to Mercy: Why Supporting Released Prisoners is Good for Your Church and Community
Tuesday, May 2; Noon - 12:45pm
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So many men and women have life-changing experiences with Christ in prison, but face major challenges when they get out.  They’re eager to keep moving forward, but usually need support to make it happen.  The church is uniquely able to play a significant role in helping them find employment, transition back into their families, and develop a new network of friends that will help them establish a new life and contribute well to the health of the community.
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Church Leadership 
Webinar Series

Participating in the Transforming Journey
Thursday, April 27; Noon - 12:45pm
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We will explore the subtly of the true self/false self interplay in our ministry lives. The Apostle Paul challenges us regularly to discern the source of our lives and ministry: is it the flesh (the old nature, the false self)?  Or is it the Spirit (the new nature, the true self)?  This decision isn’t a one-and-done event.  We encounter this fork in the road a hundred times a day. Will I respond to that comment out of me ego? Or from a place of belovedness?  Will I try to force my agenda? Or will I release it and live openly before God for this moment? We will take a brief look at how we in ministry can recognize this false self motivation and learn to rest more fully in our true selves in Christ.

If you missed any of our webinars, click here to visit our YouTube page to view each recording.